“This is an absolutely incredible place. “

I don’t know quite how to explain just how much KidSpeak has changed my son’s life. This is an absolutely incredible place. They are extremely knowledgeable on the most effective and beneficial ways to help your child’s individual needs. They spend an incredible amount of effort to personalize the plan that best benefits your child.  I have been absolutely amazed with the quick progress my 3-year-old son has had with his speech, language comprehension, focus, social skills, and overall development. It literally has been life-changing for him and for our family. Not only that, but everyone at KidSpeak makes it so much fun! My son is so excited to go every time and when he wakes up in the morning he asks if he gets to go. Everyone there is so good with the kids and makes it so fun that the children don’t even realize they are working on any skills or learning. The therapists all genuinely care for the kids and are so invested in their success in every way. We were previously at a different place that was great, but just didn’t have everything that KidSpeak had to offer. It is such a unique place that doesn’t have the stuffy “office” feel that lots of other places have that kids often don’t enjoy as much. I am forever grateful to this place that has been so incredible for my son. I would absolutely recommend KidSpeak to anyone.  (2018)

“We credit KidSpeak helping him to talk with the supports they customized for him.”

We have been working with KidSpeak since summer of 2011. My son was 4 when we started individual and group therapy. He made so many gains in his expressive and receptive language, in addition to building more awareness of those around him. We credit KidSpeak helping him to talk with the supports they customized for him. Through the years, we have partnered with KidSpeak to help us in various ways. Some years, we were on our own. Sometimes we needed some individual sessions. The last few summers my son has loved the Friendship camps where has learned several tools to understand relationships and handle his emotions in expected ways.  As we have home schooled, our therapists have been available to provide visual supports and help teach language areas my son struggles with and I needed help presenting in a way he could understand. We have also been enjoying the confidence he has built in Reading and Writing is Fun this summer. I have seen him write and summarize at a level I didn't know he was capable of. I am truly grateful for the love and support Laura and Amanda have given through the years, helping us in the way that fits our family's needs through the years. They have supported our entire family on so many levels – emotional support, sibling coping strategies, school advice, and so much more! We would not be where we are on this journey with out their guidance and support.  (2016)


“Kidspeak has been a wonderful blessing for our family.”

Kidspeak has been a wonderful blessing for our family.  We stumbled upon Amanda Rollins through a recommendation from ECI and Amanda and staff have functioned as therapists, counselors, managers and guides through these tricky early years of ASD for our son. We investigated multiple places for speech therapy and ABA and, after a year and a half of attending Kidspeak at the same time as other therapies, we happily narrowed our focus to only Kidspeak and SCERTS therapy.  Not only has our son benefitted tremendously from individual and group therapy, but Amanda has also helped hire and manage therapists to help him at his neurotypical school, has given meaningful and productive advice on behavior and growth to our family and our son’s teachers, and has a large reserve of knowledge about local resources and schools.  She and her staff are exceptionally professional and organized, responding to needs and concerns immediately and giving our family model for how best to serve our son. We are so lucky to have found Kidspeak and I somewhat dread the day our son doesn’t need their services! (2016)

“But it was not until KidSpeak that “the light went on” inside my son and we began to see the potential within him.”

The therapists at KidSpeak are nothing short of miracle workers. Dedicated to the success of each child, they are loving, caring, enthusiastic and enjoy what they do! It seems like their work is not a job to them but their “calling.” And this is no better evidenced than by the happy, talkative six-year-old son I have today after spending just over a year with KidSpeak.  We'd been receiving speech therapy for “speech disturbance and delay” at a variety of clinics for more than three years and making moderate progress.  But it was not until KidSpeak that “the light went on” inside my son and we began to see the potential within him. The therapists at KidSpeak go beyond therapy and turn sessions into fun, interactive experiences; my son loves to work with them so much that he looks forward to it every week. We've seen his conversation skills and “theory of mind” skills absolutely soar and our friends and family continue to be amazed at his progress. My son also loves the Friendship Camp and receiving group therapy with other children his age which he thinks is just the very best playtime ever! As a parent, KidSpeak provides us with a toolkit for each session, explaining the concepts that they're working on that week and providing us with tips and activities to apply at home. They even personalize the materials with characters and stories that they know my son enjoys (Superheroes, movies, books, etc.) And their progress reports are the most professional, impeccably detailed updates that provide clearly defined goals and examples of progress made. It is such a profound joy to be able to have conversations with my son everyday and not feel sad by the challenges he's struggled with but rather, feel blessed by the opportunities he's had with KidSpeak and the amazing potential his life has before him. (2011)


“They don't just teach the child, they teach you as well… and that is GOLD!!”

When I first met Laura, my son, Ethan was just a little over 2 years old. He had 2 words in his vocabulary and I cried nightly over why my little boy couldn't say “mommy”. We had the neurologist, the therapists, all the usual tests and it was one of the most frustrating times in my life. We had a not – so – great 1st plunge into speech therapy, and just as I was about to throw in the towel… Laura walked in my door and it's been the most amazing adventure! We met her thru E.C.I. as she contracted with them prior to opening KidSpeak. Ethan, who at that time was VERY hesitant around strangers, loved Laura almost immediately. Laura doesn't JUST teach your child to speak…she teaches YOU to help teach them as well. YOU are a very important person in the therapy and I loved that! To be taught how I could help my son, even more… that was priceless! When Ethan turned 3, he outgrew our local E.C.I. program and we immediately placed him in KidSpeak, with Laura and now her amazing partner Amanda as well. There was a little adjustment for Ethan to be meeting with Laura in her office instead of in his home but that not only expected but planned on. At every single turn for more than 2 years, Laura has thought of everything possible that could be done to help my son. It has worked! Ethan literally talks my ears off my head everyday! It has been exciting and amazing to watch my sweet little guy become who he is and to watch him as he would get excited to be able to say a new word. He says new words everyday and has been using sentences for some time. Laura and Amanda are my heroes! They don't just teach the child, they teach you as well… and that is GOLD!! Being invited in, to share in the process, so you could feel such happiness where once there were tears….I was able to help teach my son…..I cannot go on long enough, Laura and Amanda love their pupils and celebrate their progress as each new goal is met. I can't imagine where my son would be without Laura Hagan ( and Amanda ) but I don't like to think about that. They are my heroes…. my son talks now…a lot… and it's due to their tireless hard work! I urge you to take your child to KidSpeak….. they will rock your world!!We have had a fantastic experience at KidSpeak.  (2009)


“They have proved to be an invaluable resource for so many things…”

daughter was non-verbal when she started at KidSpeak one year ago. She is now speaking words, initiating conversation, and is interested in playing with her peers. Their approach has worked wonders for my child. They have helped my daughter to independently regulate her emotions. Now her outbursts are rare, and when they do happen, she is able to calm down quickly. I have been very impressed with their knowledge and skill at bringing my child to higher level of functioning. They have proved to be an invaluable resource for so many things, speech therapy, shadow consulting, toilet training, school meetings, and behavior management. KidSpeak is a very nurturing environment where your child can grow. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amanda.  (2009)


“She is so much more than a speech therapist.”

I believe that my son’s success is primarily due to her early speech services.  She helped my son learn to speak, how to be a successful student in a classroom, how to ease his anxiety and how to be a friend. She is so much more than a speech therapist. She offers excellent advice on problems besides speech including tantrums, discipline, toilet training, playing with friends and various school and home issues. Even though my son no longer needs individual speech therapy, Amanda still provides invaluable assistance with his social skills, shadowing at school, finding the right school, and basically all matters where I seek advice. She is truly amazing! (2008)


“We very much enjoy working with Amanda and her team at Kidspeak, LLC.”

We first met Amanda during her tenure at UTD’s Callier Center. Then, our daughter was functionally pre-verbal at two and a half years of age. Amanda worked with our daughter individually and in a small group setting where she achieved rapid and amazing progress. We were so thankful and appreciative of Amanda’s skills that we have retained her services ever since including now with her founding of Kidspeak, LLC. Our daughter’s rapid improvement track also meant fast changing needs as she grew. Amanda and Kidspeak, LLC., have adapted services and therapy as our daughter has progressed including close coordination with teachers and other professional therapy service providers. Today, two years later, our daughter is mainstreamed in a private Montessori school and is functioning at or above grade level. Amanda delivers continued speech and socialization services on-site at the school. Amanda created a proposal for inclusion of speech and social goals to the school’s program for our daughter which was well received and immediately implemented. Amanda works closely with the teaching and administrative staff to coordinate effort and coach the teachers about our daughter’s special needs. We very much enjoy working with Amanda and her team at Kidspeak, LLC. We whole heartedly recommend their services. (2008)


“…understands the autism spectrum, and more importantly, how to help these children succeed!”

Amanda Rollins has worked with our son from the time of his original PDD-NOS diagnosis at age 2 years 10 months, up to now at age 6, and it's not an underestimation to say she is MAGIC! Using her knowledge, experience, intuition and warm personality, she has been able to pull our son out of his own world into ours.  She is much more than a speech therapist – she truly understands the autism spectrum, and more importantly, how to help these children succeed!  Amanda worked with Tom individually and in her fantastic groups, she helped evaluate preschool environments for us, coached and supervised our grad student; for Tom's school, and provided great insight on how to best parent Tom. She's the best in town for young children on the spectrum! (2008)