Speech and Language Therapists (CCC or CFY)

KidSpeak, LLC is currently not hiring SLP-CCCs.  We may be hiring for the Fall 2019 but we will not know for sure until June/July-- If you are interested please email Amanda Rollins your resume at amanda@kidspeakdallas.com.

We are currently not hiring any CFs; however, if you are a CF and are interested please email Amanda Rollins and we can discuss future opportunities. 

Speech and Language Therapist Assistants

We are currently not hiring SLPAs at this time.   Before we hire any SLPAs they must volunteer at our office for at least 1 full semester (i.e.: Spring, Summer, Fall).  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Amanda at amanda@kidspeakdallas.com.


Undergraduate and/or Graduate Students

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in volunteering, obtaining observation hours, obtaining clinical hours, and/or interested in becoming a teaching assistant please email amanda@kidspeakdallas.com.  Please know that the first step is always participating within our Volunteer Program.  If you are interested in our Volunteer Program please contact Amanda.


Volunteer Program

Within our volunteer program each volunteer is assigned to specific days/times each week for a semester (i.e.: Spring, Summer, Fall).  This ranges from 3 – 15 hours per week.  You will be paired up with an SLP or SLPA each day you arrive and will be able to participate within a variety of activities such as: setting up therapy, cleaning up after therapy, observing therapy, helping create therapy materials, taking pictures of therapy, taking videos of therapy, and much more.  However, our number one concern is for our kids and families; therefore, there may be days/sessions that we ask you not to observe.   Once the semester is completed we then privately discuss our thoughts for each volunteer on the next steps within their learning process, this may be volunteering again, becoming a Teacher Assistant, becoming a Shadow, and more.  If you are interested please contact Amanda.