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We offer individual therapy at our office in Addison as well as at local private schools.  Our sessions are 60 minutes, 45 minutes or 30 minutes 1 - 4 times a week. The amount and duration depends on many variables and is decided upon after the Evaluation. 

All of our therapists follow the SCERTS® and Social Thinking® within their sessions.  In addition, each therapist then utilizes a variety of other tools and strategies such as: The Expanding Expression Tool, Social Stories, visual supports, and much more.  

Every therapist's goal if for our kids to not only make progress but to carryover this progress at home, school, church, etc.  In order to this your therapist will provide you with a number of tools: 1) 10 - 15 minutes of counseling time at the end of your session OR an email every 2 weeks if a parent is not present at the session (this is part of your session time); 2) A newsletter packet of information that details what your child is working on in their sessions and how different ways that you can carry this over naturally at home (every 2 - 4 weeks); 3)  Pictures via text or email of our session (2 - 6 times a semester); 4) Videos placed on a USB along with a video write up detailing what is important in video (1 - 3 times a semester); 5) Free 20 - 30 minute phone calls (1 - 3 times a semester); 6) Free Parent Conferences (these are set times designated by KidSpeak ,LLC); 7) Detailed Progress Reports (received every two months), 8) Parent Educations Nights (Free 1 time a semester); and much more.  

**KidSpeak, LLC travels within a 15 mile radius from our office.  If your school is outside of this radius then there is a $20 travel fee for each visit.**