Fun with Pumpkins

Did you ever see a pumpkin, a pumpkin, a pumpkin?

Did you ever see pumpkin with no face at all?

With no eyes, no nose, no mouth and no teeth?

Did you ever see a pumpkin, with no face at all?

So I made a Jack O-Lantern, Jack O-Lantern, Jack O-Lantern.

So I made a Jack-O-Lantern with a big funny face!

With big eyes, a big nose, a big mouth and big teeth.

So I made a Jack-O-Lantern with a big funny face.


Picture 3.JPG

Did you ever see a pumpkin with no face at all? Bring pumpkins to life over and over while within this fun following directions game!


-Orange construction paper or cardstock

-Black construction paper or cardstock


-Magnetic tape

-Cookie pan(s) or magnetic surface

Picture 1.JPG


Cut out pumpkins from your orange construction paper. The number of pumpkins will vary. This is a great activity for the whole family, a birthday party, or just for you and your child... so make however many you may need!

Picture 2.JPG

Using your black construction paper, cut out a variety of eyes, noses, eyebrows and mouths for your pumpkins. Do not glue/attach these to your pumpkins.

Picture 3.JPG

Laminate each blank orange pumpkin separately. Laminate the facial features. On the backs of your pieces, including your pumpkins, apply a small strip of magnetic tape.

Picture 4.JPG

Place your pumpkin on your cookie sheet and you are all ready to play.

How to Play:

Player #1: With your cookie sheet in your lap, design a silly, funny or scary face for your pumpkin! When you are finished, without showing your partner your design, describe your pumpkin to Player #2 so that he or she can recreate the exact same face.

Picture 5.JPG

Player #2: Listen carefully and follow the directions to try to make your pumpkin match Player #1's pumpkin. When you think you have it, turn it around and compare pumpkins!

Picture 6.JPG

This activity is a great way to work on: describing, following directions, listening and auditory processing, identifying objects and more. You can also change it up to keep the activity dynamic and to keep your child learning. Here are a few ideas:

-During one round, the players may ask each other questions and in another round, no questions are allowed.

-During one round, Player #1 is not allowed to use any shape names (circle, rectangle, etc.) when describing his pumpkin.

-Player #1 must design a face with his or her eyes closed, and then describe the face to his partner.

The options are endless! Enjoy and have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!

~KidSpeak, LLC