Halloween Fairy

Halloween is just around the corner, which means there will be lots of CANDY in your house very soon! Some children can’t eat candy due to allergies and special diets and others can eat candy, but as parents, you may try to limit the amount they eat. If this is the case for your family, you just might find the “Halloween Fairy” to be your new BFF. Here are a few ideas on how to use the “Halloween Fairy”:

1. All of the Candy

If your child has a lot of candy, you may want to exchange all their candy for one big toy or prize. You can place your child’s candy bucket or bag on a Halloween Fairy picture. You can make a picture of your own or have your child draw a picture of what they think the Halloween Fairy looks like. Then the next morning the candy has magically disappeared and in its place is a fun new toy!


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2. A Little Bit of Candy

If your child has only a little bit of candy, this is a great opportunity to work on math skills while you exchange a certain amount of candy for a small toy. Here are a few examples: if they are working on counting by two’s, then for every two pieces of candy, they can get a little toy; if they are working on counting by 10’s then for every 10 pieces of candy, they can get a little toy and so on. For this activity, you can count out your items, write the number of toys they will get and then leave it out for the Halloween Fairy.

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3. Eat a Little – Give a Little

If your child can eat a little bit of their candy, then you can work on a prize system. For example, each day they can eat one to two pieces of candy but they also have to exchange at least some of their candy with the Halloween Fairy. With these children you can also work on math skills: a certain amount of candy equals different activities/prizes. Once they decide what they want, then they can leave their candy overnight with their activity circled or written out and then the Halloween Fairy can come at nighttime and do her magic.

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These are just a few ideas on how to use the "Halloween Fairy".....there are so many more ways that you can mix and match and change things up that will work best for your family!

We hope that you have fun using our ideas about the Halloween Fairy and adapting them to fit your family’s needs this holiday season!

Happy Halloween!

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