Roll into Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, your child will have a BALL with this fun art activity!  Take a break from the kitchen heat and ROLL off a little steam with this turkey marble art!  Your child will be learning Thanksgiving vocabulary that will help them for the actual Thanksgiving experience as well as with activities and work at school.  This would also be a fun activity for a play date.



-Construction paper: white, brown and orange
-Foil pie pan (or another container that works)
-Orange tempera paint
-Red tempera paint
-Brown tempera paint
-Paper plate (optional- for the adventurous!)
-Smock to protect your child’s clothes if needed



When using the visuals, try to focus on the specific visuals that help your child:

-Attend to the activity
-Create joint attention
-Participate within the activity
-Use their social communication language (i.e., requesting: “I want green paint,” taking turns: “My turn for glue,” commenting: “Look”, etc.).
-Follow directions

Point to the pictures as you talk.



Draw and cut out a peanut shape on the brown construction paper, approximately four to five inches in height.  Using the orange construction paper, cut out a small triangle (to serve as a beak) as well as two legs.  These will serve as the body of the turkey.  Set these aside for later in the project.



Day One

Draw a circle using a dark marker or pen approximately six inches in diameter on the white construction paper.  Have your child cut out the circle following along the outlined drawing. Place the construction paper in the foil pie pan.

Hint: You can flip over a small paper plate and trace around the circumference for a perfect circle!

Help your child squeeze three separate blobs of paint on the construction paper using the orange, brown and red tempera paint.  Have your child place the marble in the pan; holding the pan with two hands, your child can tilt it left and right, forwards and back, to make the marble travel through the paint and create a lovely design of fall colors!

**For the adventurous, place the three colors of paint on a paper plate.  Allow your child to dip the marble into the color of his or her choice before placing it in the pan!**

Hang up or set aside your turkey feathers to dry!

Day Two

Help your child glue his or her turkey body, turkey legs, and beak onto their beautiful marble art.  Using a dark pen or marker, your child can add eyes to their turkey.

We hope you and your child enjoy making your Thanksgiving masterpiece! 


Happy Turkey Day!

~KidSpeak, LLC